Uniheat Multi-Function Adhesive Warmers...

Natural enhancements and infrared
heat release for health benefits.

Sea Salt, Salicylic Acid and deep penetrating Infrared Infrared heat provide more effective muscle relaxation
and pain relief. They are ideal for winter sports,outdoor
activities and emergency situations.

NEW Infrared Adhesive Warmer SP-12
Adhesive Warmer with Infrared Heat

12-Hour Adhesive Warmer
with Infrared Heat

Heating Pad Size: 5 1/8" x 3 3/4"
Standard Pack: 10 pieces per bag, 24 bags per case
Average Temp: 127o F (53oC)
Maximum Temp: 145o F (63oC)
Duration: 12 hours plus
Functions: Adhesive backing allows attachment to clothing whenever needed. Natural formula with sea salt and salicylic acid releases infrared heat for deeper heat penetration. Convenient for increasing local blood circulation to remove muscle pain and stiffness.
Mini Infrared Adhesive Warmer COMING SOON
Infrared Adhesive Warmer Product Features 
• Convenient for increasing local blood circulation to relieve muscle pain and stiffness, joint aches and cramps.
• Ideal product for winter sports and cold weather activities.
• Invaluable as an instant heat source in an emergency situation.
• Applied after reflexology and acupuncture to enhance treatment and can be used to continue heat treatment at home.
• Portable, odorless, no mess.
• Long lasting up to 12+ hours.
• Instructions in multiple languages, convenient for distributing globally.

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